Patrick Shearn’s “Nimbus” on KCRW

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Patrick Shearn's "Nimbus" Takes Over Disney Hall Suspended 40 feet in mid-air – seemingly floating above the atrium of downtown L.A.’s Walt Disney Concert Hall – looms a storm of slate gray clouds. As time passes, the grays warp into bright oranges, greens and indigos, and the clouds emit waves of orchestral music. The installation, called “Nimbus,”...
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Liquid Shard LA Times

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'Liquid Shard' art installation makes waves in Pershing Square A Suspended sea of delicate silver strands ripples over Pershing Square and casts moving shadows over pedestrians who pass underneath. The “Liquid Shard” art installation, made from holographic mylar and monofilament, stretches 15,000 sq ft. across the park and rises and...
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Rolling Stone

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40 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2015 Best Large-Scale Biology Lesson: Papilio Merraculous Last year, the Los Angeles art collective Poetic Kinetics brought a gigantic rolling astronaut to Coachella; this year they did something even better. On Friday, the art piece Papilio Merraculous made its debut as a caterpillar…

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