Prius Solar Lounge

A traveling experiential installation for Toyota to introduce the (then) latest Prius eco-friendly car.


Prius Solar Lounge

Drawing power from the built-in
battery array, the flowers shined bright
throughout the night.


Prius Solar Lounge

This piece provided wifi and six 110vt recharging outlets from each flower base.


Prius Solar Lounge

Traveled the country with a crew of two. All five flowers
broke down to pack into one 24' truck.


Prius Solar

Flexible solar cells discretely
incorporated into the design
powered deep cycle battery
arrays housed in the seating.



by: Poetic Kinetics

This traveling installation consisted of 5 wi-fi enabled flower sculptures which each included seating for 10 people.  Created for and inspired by Toyota’s “Harmony Between Man, Nature, and Machine” campaign, the sculptures combined form and function via the addition of flexible solar panels on the back of each petal, which powered outlets for use in recharging cell phones and laptops. The Solar Flower Lounge consisted of custom cut and bent powder coated aluminum stalks, petals and leaves and molded polyethyelyne benches.  Solar panels charged interior batteries used to power 110V outlets, and 3G wireless internet nodes were located in the flower heads.  Color changing LED lighting provided atmosphere and illumination during nighttime hours. Installations: Various Cities, US, 2009  The Prius Solar Flowers are currently on exhibit at Toyota Headquarters in Torrance, CA

Solar Flower Sculpture as Charging & Seating Station for Prius