Mantis Temple

Fully mobile, rising to 140’ the Mantis dances above the crowd.


Mantis Temple

Operated from the basket in the head, the Mantis is an excellent moving camera platform within the event getting unprecedented shots from 130’.


Mantis Temple

The glowing eyes, comprised of internally illuminated, custom
vacuuformed plastic panels add to the extraordinary light show
suspended beneath the head.


Mantis Temple

Painted in metallic candy colors
and then weathered to look like
heavily used machinery the
lightweight fabric stretched panels
created the illusion of a science fiction
craft here on an unimaginable mission
from the future.



by: Poetic Kinetics

The Mantis Temple is where praying mantises go to pray. One of two major installations at Coachella 2013, the Mantis danced dramatically above the festival, metallic paint glinting in the desert sun on an unfathomable mission from the future.

Giant mechanical praying mantis

at the Coachella Music and Arts

festival 2013.